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To connect AirLit to the GeoSmarPro app in a smooth manner keep in mind the below tips:


- Make sure in your mobile settings Geolocation is turn on.

- Your phone will need to be connected to the same network as the fan for initial set up.

- Be sure to have your phone, fan and router at a close distance from each other, for connection purposes only.

- Your router will need to be broadcasting a 2.4GHz network for the AirLit to connect. This is necessary for the setup process only.

GeoSmartPro App set up process

Follow the steps on the app to set up an account then follow the below steps:

1. Connect your AirLit to your power outlet, press the “60 sec” button for 5 seconds until the blue indicator rapidly blinks, then click on the confirm button on the app.

2. You will then need to enter your wifi password to connect your phone to the wifi router and connect to the internet.

3. Once you’ve entered all the details, you should see a ‘Connecting’ page, where your phone will try to link up to your AirGo smart fan through the wifi network.

4. Wait until your configuration is successful, then tap ”Complete” & Enjoy your AirLit!

Troubleshooting steps when the connection time out

This error is mostly caused due to the 5GHz set as a primary channel.


If you get a message of 'connection time out' follow below troubleshooting steps:

1. Clear Cache on the app, you can do this by going to 'Me' 'Settings' and reset the AirLit by pressing the '60 sec' button for 5 seconds.

2. Then log in to your router via IP, go into advance setting, wireless and turn off 5GHz.


3. Make sure that the 2.4GHz is broadcasting a Smart channel system and not only one channel.


4. After connecting the fan you can turn the 5GHz back on. 

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