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10% to 100% stepless dimming 


Magnetic mirror.

Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 20.14.05.png

Choose between different airflow and light modes.


Set your timer for up to

8 hours.


Choose between low, medium, high and nature modes.



Up to 15 hours of usage.

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Automate your AirLit's actions and triggers.


180° Vertical rotation.
270° Flex rotation.


A portable smart ring light, mirror and fan.

The UK's 1st multi-purpose all in one smart ring light, mirror and fan.

Stepless dimming and colour balance.


Magnetic mirror included

Extendable from 440mm up to 1000mm.

Rechargable and portable

Attachable phone holder

App and voice controlled

2 years warranty

Free delivery


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Designed to fit your lifestyle


4 Settings

Ring Light


Mobile Holder

Hand free

Touch Control





Telescopic Arm

440 - 1000mm


10,000mAh battery

AirLit is a multipurpose device that adapts to everyone's lifestyle, from cooling you down to getting ready for streaming and vlogging with perfect light adjustable to your environment.

Light: Set the light theme according to your preference. Enjoy your live streaming, vlogging and online meeting at your comfort.

Mirror: Transform it into the light mirror, ideal for makeup and hairstyle use.

Fan: Sit back, relax and enjoy the airflow the smart way.

AirLit for vlogging, tiktok and live streaming.

The perfect companion for your live streaming and vlogging.

Adjustable colour balance and brightness to enhances your online appearance.

Designed with professionals to achieve studio level lighting.


Perfect for live streaming, vlogging, Tik Tok, online meetings or desk lamp. Unleashing the experience to your lifestyle!  

Your smart companion for your makeup rituals.

Balanced lighting can enhance the experience of how you apply foundation, eye shadow and other beauty products. 

Adjustable light and stepless dimming make it easier to create a flawless complexion, ideal for different skin tones.

AirLit, Smart led mirror.
Ok Google, turn the AirLit on!

Simply ask your voice assistant.

Connect your AirLit to your favourite voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Keeping you cool the smart way!

Working from home just became cooler. AirLit is the perfect smart desk fan to keep airflow moving.


Adjustable height and flexible rotation catered to provide you with the best experience according to your environment.

Smart ring light, smart desk fan. Perfect for work from home.