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Terms & Conditions

When participating in the GeoSmartPro small appliance Trade–in Program ("Program"), you will be asked to agree to the following terms and conditions:

These terms apply whether I am trading in one “1” or multiple small appliances in the same transaction in exchange for trade-in credit(s) applied on the purchase of GeoSmartPro products, the amount of which is based on either the GeoSmartPro Expert value of my appliance(s) at the time I created the trade-in enquiry, or promo value, if applicable, to my trade-in order at the time it was created.


General Rules (applicable to all trade-ins)

It's my responsibility, before I ship my appliance (s) to GeoSmartPro , to:
•    Clean the appliance ("State of appliance")
•    It does not have any items which do not belong to the appliance ("Items")
•    Remove a damaged battery (to the extent it is removable) and dispose of it properly. Note: if the battery is damaged and not removable, your appliance is not eligible for trade-in.
•    “Pack" the appliance safely so it does not get damaged during the delivery process. 


I understand that I will not be eligible to receive any trade-in credit(s) offer for my appliance(s) if:


•    The make, model and/or condition of the shipped appliance(s) doesn't match what I described when I completed my trade-in order(s)
•    I didn't ship my appliance (s) using the GeoSmartPro-provided label 
•    My appliance (s) never arrived at GeoSmartPro 
•    My appliance (s) arrived at GeoSmartPro more than thirty (30) days after I completed my trade-in order(s)
•    My appliance (s) has been modified from its original state (and considered dangerous).
•    My appliance (s) are not clean and packed securely.
•    GeoSmartPro determines that my appliance (s) was reported as lost or stolen, purchased with government funds, or constitutes government property.


I also understand that:
•    Once I submit my appliance (s) to GeoSmartPro , the appliance(s) will not be returned to me and it will be processed to be recycled.
•    I will be provided with an estimated trade-in value at the time of trade-in submission that is subject to validation of make/model, eligibility, & condition upon GeoSmartPro  receipt of my appliance (s) and reviewed by GeoSmartPro.


Note: Rules (applicable to a trade-in eligible products if advertise on the GeoSmartPro product page for promo value as a discount only when buying GeoSmartPro product(s). Trade-in value does not reflect to a cash value or any other numeration)


In addition to the General Rules above, if my trade-in credit(s) discount value are based on promo value, I understand that I will not be eligible to receive any trade-in credit(s) discount value for my appliance (s) if:


•    I don’t satisfy the conditions associated with the promotion under which I created my trade-in enquiry, such as (but not limited to) condition to terms stated in the T&C agreemnet, or
•    I return or exchange the appliance (s) that was required to be eligible for the promo value.


Note: an appliance with a damaged battery may be eligible for promo value if it is traded-in subject to a GeoSmartPro expert review or may request more information. GeoSmartPro has the right to refuse any appliance that is submitted for trade-in review on a trade-in offer or promo without any given reasons or justifications.


How and when do I get my trade-in credit(s)?

Trade-in credit(s) based on GeoSmartPro Expert value will be issued in accordance with what is presented at the time of trade-in submission. Final value is confirmed after GeoSmartPro receives the appliance (s) and validates make/model, eligibility, & condition. If my trade in enquiry is approved for my appliance, we apply this value towards your GeoSmartPro appliance transaction; This will be one of transection and can not be used with any other offer(s) running on the GeoSmartPro website unless it is advertised with it. No promo code will be acceptable with the Trade-In offer. Trade-in credit(s) request will be issued within two (1) weeks after GeoSmartPro receives your trade-in appliance (s) request. Trade-in credit will be only be applied on the purchase of GeoSmartPro products from in the form of a discount. Once you have been accepted for the Trade-In offer you will have 3 working days to purchase the GeoSmartPro products otherwise the credit will discount will no longer be valid. In the event I am no longer eligible for trade-in credits discount value based on promo value, I will still be able to purchase the product from at the offered price on the website at that time.

Trade-in credit(s) discount based on promo value will be applied to the product you purchase. Final value is confirmed after GeoSmartPro receives the appliance (s) and validates make/model, eligibility & condition, in accordance with the applicable promotion. Trade-in credit(s) discount based on promo value are subject to reversal if I don’t comply with the Terms & conditions.


For assistance with the GeoSmartPro small appliance Trade-in Program, please contact customer support at to speak with one of our representatives.

Revised 16/4/24

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